Saturday, 7 July 2012

Braided summery hairstyles

Blake Lively
I got a little bit of a girl crush on Blake Lively when I first saw this photo of her with an amazing long fishtail braid. This is like the ultimate summer hairstyle, and it’s perfect both for a day on the beach and for a night out. I would never be able to achieve this gorgeous look with my locks though… my hair is fairly long, but far from long enough, and I’m guessing this style requires really thick hair as well – which I don’t have. My hair is just “normal” and quite boring… you can’t do much with it at all.
For special occasions I’ve sometimes thought I’d like to try hair extensions, but when I see them on other girls they sometimes look very fake. I’ve seen a lot of nice ones as well though, but I’m guessing they’re a bit pricier.
For this summer I wouldn’t mind trying out clip on ponytails to get Blake Lively’s look. Just check out this one from Hershesons hair accessories online store.
hair extensions
My hair looks very much like the “before” picture here, regarding both length and colour, so this clip on ponytail would probably be perfect for my hair!
Ashley Olsen
I also love this summer hairstyle of Ashley Olsen. It’s a romantic looking updo that requires minimum effort – it’s supposed to look a bit loose with tresses hanging down and framing your face. If you don’t have hair long or thick enough to create this style you can simply use a braided hairband such as the one below.
I’ve sometimes used fake hair when putting up my hair in a bun. One of those scrunchy-types with curly hair on… know what I mean? It’s so simple to use when wanting to create a nice updo in no time at all.

Do you use hair extensions for special occasions or for going out, and if not – would you consider trying it?


  1. love the mary kate's one :)

  2. I had an awful piece of plastic hair from H&M I used before my hair got as long as it is now. Glad I don't need it any more! You should give your hair some more credit though, it looks lovely :)
    Kristina xx