Sunday, 29 July 2012

My vintage dress from the 1960's

1960's dress
As you might have seen from previous posts, I've got a thing for vintage jewellery. I own a few different pieces, and I wear them all regularly. All of them have a special sentimental value for me. 
When it comes to vintage clothing I haven't really had the chance to get my hands on many garments. My old grandma tore all her old clothes apart when they didn't fit anymore or when they were worn out - and she would weave rugs from the strips of fabric.
wedding dresses for guests
A couple of years ago, my dear friend gave me a vintage dress. It had been her grandma's, and since it didn't fit her she gave it to me. It's a really pretty and quite simple black and white dress from the 1960's, and it has got some little laces to tie by the décolleté. This is now the only piece of vintage clothing I own! 
vintage dress
Here I am wearing this vintage dress to a "hippie" wedding I attended two years ago. I thought it would be suitable to wear this 60's dress for this special occasion, as the hippie era started in the late 60's.
I'm not much for buying old second hand clothing, but everytime you visit a second hand shop it just smells of old people in there. I don't mind at all when the clothes come from someone I know, but I'm a bit reluctant to wearing other people's old clothes. A bit silly, I know...
Nowadays there are a lot of fashion brands that do replicas of vintage dresses and this is something I'm a big fan of. Prime examples of brands like these are Joe Browns and Peekaboo Vintage.


  1. That dress is amazing! You should wear it more often, it looks great on you :) xx

  2. I love your dress and I definitely love the dresses from the 60's! I agree about not wanting to buy vintage clothing that smell like old people and love the replica vintage clothing they make these days! It is a tad more modern, but vintage looking and yet it is brand new! I am going to have a look at the sites you recommended here! xx Pip

  3. I love the mod pattern on your dress! How awesome of your friend to give the dress to you!!!