Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wear British brands with pride!

This year has been a very British year indeed; the Queen’s jubilee, the Euros, and now the Olympics are about to start. There have been many reason’s to support and be proud of this country, and people are not shy to show the world that they’re British. 

Some take it to the extreme though, wearing nothing but red, white and blue, and sometimes even with the Union Jack printed on their clothes – like a certain Spice Girls member from the 90’s…

I’ve seen Geri’s new Union Jack dress collection at Next, and it’s NOT pretty. I would say it looks quite tacky actually.

One way to show your support for Britain during the upcoming Olympics could simply be to wear British designed clothes. Homegrown brands such as Little Mistress, Oh My Love, Fever London or A Postcard From Brighton are brands to be proud of, and they’re easy to make a statement with without having to be too extreme. What do you think of the below homegrown garments?

I must say that Orla Kiely is my favourite alternative UK brand at the moment – a fabulous collection of crazy patterns and unusual materials that can be found at online store Zalando. I would be more than happy to wear anything from this line – although it is a little bit pricey…

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  1. Let's be fair, nothing completely union jack print is cute, and Gerry should know better. She's not 21 any more! I much prefer your pics!

    Lea x