Thursday, 23 August 2012

Birthday jewellery wishlist

It’s my birthday on Sunday… the only time in my life that I’ll turn 26 on the 26th.
Apparently I’m difficult to buy presents to (especially according to my sisters!) and people have asked me what I want – all I can think of is jewellery!
I’m at that age now that if I want something I go and buy it myself… but one thing you can’t have too much of is jewellery!
I’m not very colourful or adventurous when it comes to clothes, but with jewellery my motto is: the more unusual the better. I’m all into arty designer jewellery, and this week I’ve been having my eye on several collections at Wharton Goldsmith.

 First out are a few gorgeous and timeless pieces by fellow Scandinavian Georg Jensen. His designs are all very sleek and stylish is a very classic way. I especially like the oval pendant and the link bracelet with the purple stone.

Linda McDonald's jewellery are more playful and experimental. The fact that they're all assymetrical is that I really like about them. How gorgeous is that silver ring to the bottom left!?!

Over to something more colourful; the collection by Rachel Galley has such a pretty feel to it. Colourful and quirky but in a sophisticated way. The purple teardrop pendant and the ring with the lilac stone are probably my favourites.

Saving the best for last! This collection by Christopher Wharton is absolutely stunning! It's a perfect mix of colour, creativity, and style. Proper attention stealing jewellery that I could just die for (OK, not literally - but you know what I mean!)

Have you ever heard of Wharton Goldsmith? What is your favourite jewellery collection of theirs?


  1. Lovely post! Have a very happy (and sparky) birthday in advance. I can't get over how beautiful the Linda Macdonald pieces are! Wow. Great post, darl - and have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I hope your birthday will be lovely! Now I feel like buying some new jewellery. :)

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  4. Happy Birthday! Those picks are soOoo beautiful. I also love artsy especially heirloom style jewelries.

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  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday! These are great picks!!

  6. lovely! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!