Sunday, 5 August 2012

Romantic and old fashioned - Lace wedding dresses

After the wedding I attended last weekend I've been thinking a lot about weddings in general, and especially about wedding dresses. I know quite a large number of people who are getting married at the moment, or who has just gotten engaged. I, myself, am far away from any of these occasions happening in my own life... luckily! I think I'm a bit scared of the whole wedding thing...
Anyhow, I've been looking around wedding sites for inspiration lately, and I've noticed that I've got a thing for lace wedding dresses - especially the ones with complex details on the back. I just love the way they look so romantic and old fashioned. Here are my favourites...
 This dress has only got small lace details on the sleeves. I'm loving the head piece!
Another headpiece very much like the one from the picture above, but with a more classic cut wedding dress - all in lace.
 Perhaps a bit too much lace...?
 This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love how simple and minimalistic it looks in the back with just a couple of lace bands.
Fantastic! This back piece is stunning! I just wish it sat on a dress a bit less "cake like". The skirt just looks like whipped cream... but the back details really are to die for!


  1. Love all the lace details, but as you say, it can become a bit too much lace... You don't want to look like lace exploded all over you ;) xx

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  3. Oh my gosh, such beautiful dresses! Love the last one! Such a great back view!

  4. love love they're beautiful i am planning a beach wedding soon where can i get the head piece the third and fourth picture dresses from?

  5. where is the last one from!
    It's perfection!