Thursday, 13 September 2012

Armani Collezioni

So I’ve realised and accepted that Summer is now over, and Autumn is well on the way. Very sad actually… We didn’t even get any summer weather here in the UK this year, and now it’s already cold again! :( Lucky for me though, I went on two hot holidays this year – Mexico and Croatia. So I guess I shouldn’t complain…
A good thing about Autumn though is all the pretty clothes you get to wear. Autumn is actually my favourite season for fashion. I love a nice jacket, ankle boots, thick skirts, cosy cardigans and patterned tights. Yesterday was actually the first time since April that I wore socks, and it felt a bit weird. But, I’m sure I can get used to it again ;)
Now, I’m not saying I’m looking to buy something from Armani, (my bank account really couldn’t handle that) but I just came across their new collection from Armani Collezioni and I just love the sophisticated look of it, so of course I needed to share it with you guys. You can always do like I do, and dream…

 I love this mix between a cardigan and a blazer. It looks super comfy but at the same time very stylish.

 An outfit very casual to be from the Armani Collezioni - I love everything about it!

 I imagine this amazing blazer was inspired by the 18th century or so, with their massive fluffy collars. It would be perfect for the office outfit.

Pssst… a tip for you guys; some online stores offer the Armani Collezioni for discounted prices (one of them being Whites Boutique). They might not have the whole collection in store, but it’s definitely worth having a little look around for some better prices. We all love bargains, especially when it comes to designer clothing.

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