Saturday, 8 September 2012

Autumn jeans trends – skinny vs. flared

Nowadays there are so many different types of jeans available in the stores – skin tight, baggy, and everything in between.
But the core trends for this season are the super skinny jeans and the flared jeans. Which one will you choose?
Extreme 1970's style flared jeans from the brand Mother.
Flared jeans are often related to the 1970’s hippie style, but there are so many ways to wear this type of jeans without looking retro. Flared jeans look really sophisticated worn with the right garments. If you opt for a pair that are slim fitted over the thighs and that flares out from the knees they are both leg lengthening, slimming and very flattering. For best result you should wear them with a pair of heels of wedges. Depending of the width of the flare you can make your look utterly feminine and sophisticated.
Slightly flared jeans with a sophisticated look from MiH jeans.
Skinny jeans, fitted all the way through the leg to the ankle, keep your silhouette clean and you can achieve a look that is very versatile. Skinny jeans look great with everything from normal tops to tunics, and you can match them with both flat shoes, high heels or tuck them into a pair of boots. Another version of the skinny jeans are the cropped jeans. These come skin tight just as the normal skinny style, but with a slightly cropped leg, which means you’ll end up with a ¾ length leg. I would say the cropped jeans are more for Spring and Summer, but with the right matching you can style them up for Autumn as well.
Super skinny jeans from Paige premium denim.
I’m torn between which style I like the most… but then, no one said you have to choose between these two styles! I love them both, but will mostly get seen wearing skinny jeans since they are so versatile and go with pretty much everything. I see the flared jeans as more of an Autumn/Winter type of jeans. Which one is your favourite jeans style?
Basic slim fit jeans from James Jeans.


  1. I love flared jeans! I have a ton of skinny jeans, but don't really have a perfect flare jean, so that is something on my wish list for this winter. I love flared jeans worn with fitted turtlenecks and boots and a belt and knee length coat! It is just simple and while I had the perfect pair in high school, I outwore those and they completely had to be thrown away like 12 years ago! :( Great post dear! xx Pip

  2. I love the look of flared jeans but some how i always stick to skinny fit ones, really need to get a pair of flared ones soon x