Sunday, 23 September 2012

The female "urban lumberjack" look

Sunny days make me so happy. I know it sounds cheesy, but seriously - just opening up the curtains in the morning and realising it's a beautiful day - it's such a happy feeling :)
On this particular day I was also in an extra happy mood, and guess why... I had been doing some clothes shopping that week, and now was the time to show off my new wardrobe additions ;)
The pink and grey checked shirt, as well as the grey skinny jeans are both from Next. I think the shirt just screams "lumberjack", and matched with these other garments I sure feel like one! Although, a female, urban version of a lumberjack. I love this style actually! The shirt, by the way, is from Next's vintage collection, and it's my new favourite!
I've had these boots for a while, but I've never before featured them on the blog. Since my beautiful "witch boots" broke on me last year, I invested in these black faux leather fold-over ankle boots from Zalando. They're nowhere near as nice as my old ones, but they go great with a look like this - and they're super comfortable!
Beaming with joy! This was probably the last warm and sunny day of this year. (Can't wait til spring!)
What do you think of my "female urban lumberjack"-look? Do I pull it off? Would you opt for a similar look?
I matched this outfit with this super cute necklace I got from my mum for my birthday last month. It's like a little steel dogtag, that says "älskad" on one side, and "dotter" on the other - meaning "loved daughter" in Swedish, It's definitely my new favourite piece of jewellery. It's so simple, but at the same time so stylish. Although, it makes me miss my mum so much! Living in a different country than your family can be hard sometimes...


  1. Such a cool casual outfit. I love the vibe of the post, so positive and sunny. :)


  2. Love the outfit! Even though it has pink in it, it looks great on you ;)
    Kristina xx

  3. Hello what a great blog,i follow you! I wait for you to follow me if you want to kiss <3

  4. Nice blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    /Malin @

  5. Great outfit! I love your shirt and your shoes :) x