Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy Halloween! - Vampire makeup

Happy Halloween!
With the whole vampire craze that’s going on at the moment with the Twilight saga, True Blood, etc… what better creature to dress up as than a vampire?

I know it’s a bit early, but most people took the chance to go out for Halloween parties this weekend.
I’m going to one next weekend, and since I wanted to include these über cool contact lenses in my outfit I just wanted to make sure that I’m alright to wear them.
I’ve never worn contact lenses in my life, so I was a bit worried about putting them in alright without crying my eyes out.
After having struggled to get just one of them in the other day I wasn’t too sure about including them in my outfit after all, but I gave it another try today and it went fine! I think I just needed to get used to poking myself in the eyes! :P

The contact lenses are from Vision Direct’s range of Phantasee crazy and Halloween lenses. I’ve chosen the Twilight ones – just in time for the new Twilight film that’s coming out in 2 weeks’ time as well. They’re orange with a black edge around them.
The great thing is that they last for about a year if you take care of them properly, so I can wear them both for this Halloween, and hopefully for the next one as well. At only £29 for this pair it’s a great investment for an awesome Halloween outfit.

Here’s a comparison of my natural green eye to the left, and the Twilight lens to the right.

I admit – I cheated a little bit with this Vampire makeup… the fangs are only Photoshopped on! ;)
Anyway – if you’re going for a Halloween party next weekend there’s still time to get your hands on a cool pair of freaky contact lenses.


  1. Cool make up with the lenses, really made your eyes pop! Also nice to know there is a new Twilight film coming soon, maybe wear the Twilight lenses at the premiere? ;)

  2. Those eyes are pretty amazing! Your lines are really sharp!

    Lea x

  3. great make up! check out my halloween make up if you have the time x

  4. Wooooo...... U look so diff. Great costume. Those eyes r definitely scary.. xox

  5. you look so
    good!really scary.the contacts definitely make it :) xx

  6. I love this! Great work :-).