Saturday, 13 October 2012

Leather and studs

I am, and will always be a sucker for rock music and melodic metal. Whenever I go to a rock gig I dress up a litle bit rocky - how could you not do that ;) A bit of leather and a lot of black is mandatory. I used to go all out rock chic when I was younger, but it's a bit more subtle nowadays. I went to a big rock concert in Newcastle last weekend, and the first thing I did on the day of the concert was to dig out one of my leather skirts from the wardrobe. I went for a casual rock chic look on this particular night... something similar to the outfit below.
A leather shirt, a southern inspired checked shirt and a pair of black leather boots is a great base to a casual rock chic outfit. An alternative is to swap the leather skirt for a pair of worn out, ripped jeans. Rock up the outfit with some skull or stud accessories.
If you want to go all in metal chic - way more hardcore than a normal rock chic - go for all black, lots of leather, studs and spikes, and a pair of wicked ankle boots. That biker style leather lacket is just do die for, and I'd do anything to be able to walk in those pointy stilettos without looking silly. Notice the tiny studs on the shoes - so metal! And this style has found its way into the highstreet fashion lately. I visited the shoe shop Office the other day, and they had a whole section of shoes what were covered in different sized studs and spikes. The shoes below are all available in various highstreet shops at the moment.


  1. I love the second picture, the jacket looks so nice. Lovin all the stud shoes as well. Xox

  2. Chic outfits, dear~!