Friday, 26 October 2012

Skin and hair care products I love

We all have those special beauty products we can’t live without. OK, not literally, but you know what I mean ;) These are my life savers:

A lot of Body Shop stuff, as you can see!
When I first moved over to the UK almost 3 years ago I suddenly got quite a bad acne, something that made me really depressed. I had never had anything like it before, but it was probably just my skin that reacted in a bad way to the new country. What has really helped me with that is the Tea Tree range from Body Shop. It took 6 months or so since I started using it, but after that the acne was all gone. Amazing! The little container in the front is the eye cream from Body Shop's Aloe range - great for my sensiive eyes.
For my dry hair I use moisturising shampoo and conditioner from Aussie (best brand ever!). Other than that I only use moisturising oil and dry shampoo to take care of my hair. The hair oil from Moroccanoil is fantastic, and it smells better than any hair product I’ve ever smelt. It’s alcohol free, which is a big plus. Just 1-2 pumps of this after washing (before blow drying) keeps my tips healthy and shiny.
For those mornings when I’m treating myself to a sleep-in and don’t have time to wash my hair my day is saved by Batiste dry shampoo. 
I’ve got annoyingly dry hands, especially around my nails. The set Satin Hands from Mary Kay (where I used to work before) is a real saviour for that. The emollient night cream made of bee wax can be used as normal hand cream (but beware, it’s very greasy, so you want to stick to using it at night) or it can be used together with the apricot hand scrub. I usually rub some of the night cream on my hands first, and then put some scrub on afterwards – this makes the scrubbing more gentle. Wash off with only water (no soap) and put some normal hand cream on afterwards. It’s a real treat for your hands!

A foundation is not only used to make your skin look flawless, but it also protects the sensitive skin on your face against pollution. My favourite foundation and mineral powder are both from Body Shop.

What's your life saving beauty product?

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