Monday, 5 November 2012

Jeans and a jacket in two different ways

Same top, same boots, but different jeans and different suit jackets.
Lace vs leather?
Flared vs skinny?
Have a look for yourself and see which style you prefer.
I'd say the lace and flared style looks quite a bit more sophisticated, while the leather and skinny look looks more casual. Do you agree? By the way, the leather only sits on the collar, which you can see up close further down.
Lace and flared look: 
Wearing a very detailed black lace jacket from New Look, and dark flared denim jeans from Next.
Leather and skinny look: 
Wearing a black jersey like suit jacket with leather detail on the collar from Republic, and mid-blue denim jeans from Only.
Close up you can see the details of the different suit jackets - the fine details of the lace, and the leather collar. The top underneath is a mauve coloured vest top with lace detail from H&M.
Strike a pose!
I find it quite hard deciding which is my favourite style of the two. They're so similar but still different... I guess I'd chose according to the situation - slightly more sophisticated, or slightly more casual. Take your pick ;)
(Oh, and for anyone who's wondering - the boots are from Barratts.)


  1. I love both the looks! The lace jacket outfit might be my favourite though :)
    Kristina xx

  2. I really like the lace blazer - it looks great! :)
    LaceyLoves x