Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Jeffrey Campbell designer shoes

I'm exstatic! I WON A COMPETITION! I never win anything. Actually - I've only won once in my life before, so when Glamorous contacted me and said I had won their facebook competition last week I was in shock. Absolutely speechless!

The shoes are designer shoes, made by noone else than Jeffrey Campbell, and are worth around £150. I've never owned a pair of designer shoes before, and I've never even spent close to that sort of money on shoes. I do believe in quality shoes, but I've never opted for designer shoes. Probably cause my bank account couldn't handle it!
The model is called Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike, and they're black leather lace-up platform ankle boots with a big chunky heel covered in different sized studs. Definitely not my usual style, but I'll make them work ;)
I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to walk in the shoes as I'm not used to massive heels and definitely not platforms. But these shoes are actually fine to walk in. If you look at the angle of the shoe they're actually not that high, but most of the height sits in the platform - meaning you won't put too much pressure on your toes and the balls of your feet.
The platform is 2 inches (5 cm), while the heel is 5 inches (12,5 cm), so you're pretty much only wearing 3 inch (7,5 cm) heels. But do I feel tall in them, or what! My 165 cm suddenly turned into 177,5 cm!

You can find the Glamorous Facebook page here and go over to the Glamorous website if you want to have another look at the shoes and the rest of the Jeffrey Campbell collection.