Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas has come early

Myself and some friends had a little Christmas present swapping session this weekend, and they had bought me some really lovely stuff! :) What I liked the most was this bronze nail polish, and some pretty jewellery.
 This nailpolish is from Topshop's own collection and is called 'Treasure'. It's a gorgeous bronze hue, and it feels as if it's of really good quality. I've only painted one coat in this photo.
Topshop has lots of really lovely nailpolishes of unusual colours, and with quirky glitter in them. I will definitely invest in some more polishes from there, and I can really recommend them.
 My friends also gave me these stunning earrings, and this stylish ring. They're both handmade with silver and real amethysts. Since they're handmade they're also unique, which I really like. The set is from Outrage jewellery in Leeds Corn Exchange.
 Here you can see the size of it compared to my finger. Just a good sized stone!
I really love swapping Christmas (as well as birthday) presents with friends, because after having moved away from home they are after all the ones who know me best, and know what sort of things I like :)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Cosy knit

 We're in the middle of December and it's starting to get really cold. Winter is not a favourite season on mine (far from it!) but what I do like about it are all the cosy knitted jumpers you get to wear. This light grey knitted jumper is a new buy from last weekend, and today was he first time I wore it.
 I found this jumper in the shop West One at White Rose shopping centre in Leeds, and for £22 I think it's quite a bargain. You can tell that it's of really good quality.
What I really like about it is the collar with the button details, as well as the super soft, comfy material. Although it's a knitted jumper it's very thin, which is a big plus, but it's still very warm.
 I'm a big fan of quirky earrings, and these are some of my favourites. I bought them a couple of years ago in a shop called Butterfly, and they're made of a silver coloured metal, with little lilac stones, and if you look close you can see prints of little fish on the dangly bits.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dressed up military style

This military style dress in black is one of my favourite dresses. It's so versatile and can be matched with pretty much anything, whether it's for the office or for a night out. I just love everything about it; the cut, the big metal buttons, the waist, the slightly poofed shirt, as well as the details on the shoulders.
I've paired this dress from Jane Norman with a pair of military green tights from New Look, and high black faux-suede boots from Dorothy Perkins. I wore this outfit last weekend when I attended the Alanis Morissette concert in Liverpool.
The accessories are simple - glass jewellery in green, blue and bronze hues mixed with black. The necklace was bought in a little souvenir shop in Greece last year, and the ring is a Covent Garden market find from earlier this year.
And yes, for anyone that wondered... Alanis Morissette was amazing live!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kardashian for Dorothy Perkins

I'm just having a browse around the Kardashian "kollection" over at Dorothy Perkins. The Kardashian sisters have created a range of clothes including dresses, tops, jeans and handbags, and the kollection’s official UK home from now on is highstreet shop Dorothy Perkins.

I don’t know very much about the Kardashians, except that Kim seems to have a fantastic wardrobe that most girls would do anything to get their hands on. Well, now you kind of can! Just head over to DP and have a look!

I would say that the Kardashian kollection has a theme of purple, lace and leopard print. You can see examples of some of the garments below. What do you think?

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lazy sunday

After having spent Friday and Saturday away in Liverpool (hotel stay and concert) I'm now treating myself to a lazy Sunday, mostly spent in the house.
Today I'm wearing this super comfy, but still stylish knitted grey jumper from Bank. I bought it last weekend on a little shopping trip to Leeds. What I really like about it is the loose fit (it's still tight over the hips), the cowl neck, and the light material. It has also got little zipper details on the shoulders, but you can't actually see that on the pictures (sorry!).
I spiced up my casual sunday outfit with this cute Fiorelli necklace in light blue, which was a birthday gift from Laura over at Top Style Advice.