Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas has come early

Myself and some friends had a little Christmas present swapping session this weekend, and they had bought me some really lovely stuff! :) What I liked the most was this bronze nail polish, and some pretty jewellery.
 This nailpolish is from Topshop's own collection and is called 'Treasure'. It's a gorgeous bronze hue, and it feels as if it's of really good quality. I've only painted one coat in this photo.
Topshop has lots of really lovely nailpolishes of unusual colours, and with quirky glitter in them. I will definitely invest in some more polishes from there, and I can really recommend them.
 My friends also gave me these stunning earrings, and this stylish ring. They're both handmade with silver and real amethysts. Since they're handmade they're also unique, which I really like. The set is from Outrage jewellery in Leeds Corn Exchange.
 Here you can see the size of it compared to my finger. Just a good sized stone!
I really love swapping Christmas (as well as birthday) presents with friends, because after having moved away from home they are after all the ones who know me best, and know what sort of things I like :)


  1. So glad you liked your prezzies! ;) xx

  2. that polish is lovely very unique x

  3. I love gold bronze nails!! So pretty x