Friday, 15 February 2013

3 new beauty essentials

We all have our own personal beauty regimes – some spend barely any time getting ready in the mornings and still look fresh and pretty, whilst others spend ages. I’d class myself as being somewhere in between. I do spend quite a lot of time on my makeup, but barely even 2 minutes on my hair.

I’ve never actually really cared about my hair before. I’ve never been one to experiment with hairstyles and updos. I used to colour my hair in all colours from light blonde to pitch black, but I’ve now stayed blonde (which is the closest to my natural colour) for several years.

I have quite dry hair even if I don’t damage it with straighteners very often, which means that my ends split quite soon after I’ve had a haircut. Not ideal!

Lately I’ve discovered the wonders of hair oil though! I never thought I would use a product like this since you associate oil with grease, and no one wants greasy hair! But hair oil is seriously my saviour nowadays! This Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil from the Miracle range is argan oil based, and is absolutely amazing. Just one pea sized drop makes your hair healthy and shiny. This product keeps my ends intact, and I’ve not had to cut my hair in months – and it still feels nice and fresh.

My other hair care essential is this restorative hair mask by Moroccanoil. You’re supposed to leave it in for 10 minutes once a week, but I would say 5 is enough. It makes your hair nice and smooth, and it smells absolutely amazing. Again, I would never have thought of using a product like this a few years ago since it’s oil based, but it works wonders on dry hair like mine. Here is my hair today - a lot healthier looking than it was 6 months ago!


My third beauty essential at the moment is this new loose powder eye shadow from Make Up Store. It’s called “goddess” and is of a lovely burnt brown colour – almost ruby. The eye shadows from Make Up Store are my absolute favourites – you can tell that they’re using high quality pigments. In these photos below I’ve mixed it with a little bit of gold shade at the inner corners of my eyes. 

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  1. Love the bc oil used to use it in the old salon I worked in x