Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dress to impress - from day to night

From military-themed attire to sleek red styles, the statement dress is a wardrobe essential for many fashionistas. When it comes to getting ready in a hurry and you quite simply need to dress and go - a one-piece outfit saves both time and effort. With a skirt, you have to think carefully about what to wear on top but with a dress, all you need are the right shoes and a blazer or shawl.
 If you have little time to change before a night on the tiles, an outfit that takes you seamlessly from work to play is a fashion saviour. Simply don your LBD in the morning but wear with flats, a scarf and a blazer. When the clock strikes half five, swap the pumps for heels and remove the scarf - add a touch of red lipstick and you’re good to go.

If you have an impression to make, maybe try investing in something a little more upbeat, such as any one of the red dresses from Very. A statement red dress certainly makes a lasting impression. However, there are a few rules to abide by when donning such a bold style. First and foremost, choose something tailored to your body shape. Also, too much detailing in the shape of ruffles can often lead to an over-the-top look. Sharp lines and a conservative cut will instead create a sophisticated style.
 Be careful with accessories when wearing bright colours. Red speaks volumes alone and therefore requires little jewellery. If you must accessorise, opt for a pendant drop necklace and a simple pair of diamond studs. Gold works extremely well with hot hues, especially when you have a tan.

If you wish the dress to be the centrepiece, black or neutral heels are the best option. And remember, the higher the heel then the more elongated your legs will appear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean skyscraper heels are the best option. Heels that are too high will not only be uncomfortable to wear but you’ll also risk looking ungainly if you’re teetering around on tiptoes!


  1. I am recently obsessed with red lips! What a fabulous Nars choice!!

  2. love the spiked heels & those reds dresses are gorgeous x