Friday, 8 February 2013

Green with envy

For anyone who hasn’t noticed; green is my absolute favourite colour. No bright greens, or greens that go towards turquoise, but the earthy kind of green. Moss green matches my eyes perfectly, and just makes them pop ;) (not literally of course!)

Two of the latest additions to my accessories collection are of lovely green hues. The first is a necklace that my dear man bought me for Christmas. It was love at first sight! (with the necklace, not the man :P) It contains a rare green stone (that I don’t know the name of…) which is held in place with a swirly silver band, on a silver chain. I saw it in a display window early in December, and he got the hint. Good man! ;)
This lovely necklace is from the Maya jewellery shop in Queen's Arcade (Leeds).

My other green accessory addition is the nail polish “Hidden Treasure” from Topshop. This multi coloured metallic polish shimmers in different green hues, and is really mesmerising to look at. It really reminds me of spilt oil… or perhaps a mermaid’s tail ;) A mermaid that’s green with envy!

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