Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Trending styles at the 2013 Oscars

The Hollywood stars were as usual glittering as diamonds on the red carpet for the Oscars (some more than others) and it’s really interesting to see their choice of gowns. Although I didn’t actually watch the show I absolutely love flicking through all the photos from the red carpet, and compare dresses and colours.

Half of the stars will always wear black dresses, but with spring just around the corner you could see hints of colours and more light fabrics.
The biggest spring trend this year was to go for a dress of light hues, and the most talked about at this year’s Oscars was of course Jennifer Lawrence’s spectacular dress. How she could walk in that big skirt is a mystery. But oh wait… I heard she couldn’t! Didn’t she trip on her way up to the stage to pick up her prize? Oops… But she still looked like a dream! Absolutely stunning, and kind of like a Disney princess.

Another colour that was trending at the Oscars this year was blue. Everything from toned down earthy blues, to bright neon blue. My favourite blue dress is the one Jennifer Hudson was wearing. It’s a long slim fit dress with a slit up one leg, and it’s covered in big sequins. It actually reminds me of a mermaid’s tail.
Red was also quite popular amongst the Hollywood stars at the Oscars. I’ve never really understood why you would want to wear red on the red carpet, but these three stars made it work. I especially like Jennifer Aniston’s red ball gown like dress. What’s up with all the Jennifers wearing the nicest dresses?!

 Kelly Rowland was wearing an absolutely fabulous dress, contrasting black and white. The cut of it is so unusual, and I’m absolutely loving the top bit that’s “sticking out”. It’s more of a funky dress, and I’d do almost anything to get my hands on it!

Which is your favourite dress from the 2013 Oscars?

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