Monday, 4 March 2013

Love hurts...

I fell in love with a pair of shoes! This is not uncommon, but it was different this time… I fell in love with the print rather than the actual shoes, and forgot everything about the actual shape of the shoes. This was not a good thing, as I also forgot that I absolutely cannot walk in stiletto heels – especially not ones that have an open shoe design, and that are 16 centimetres high with a 5 centimetre platform! Hrm… Note to self: try to look at the entire design next time, instead of falling in love with just a print.
Oh, but it was a gorgeous print though… these crazy stilettos was covered in doodled purple skulls, on a faux leather background. So who can blame me for falling in love?!
I would like to challenge someone to actually try to walk in these shoes, or open shoes like these of the same height. If you succeed without looking like Bambi on ice you will become my number 1 guru, and I will always respect and look up to you!

Anyway, before I sent these stunning shoes back to So You Shoes I took the chance of photographing them with a matching purple outfit. (You should have seen me wobbling out in the garden! I almost fell over just standing still in these shoes! Haha!)
Stunning purple skull stilettos from So You Shoes
Sheer, flowing loose-sitting shirt in purple from Primark
Basic black vest dress from H&M
Lilac cross body bag from River Island


  1. I need those shoes in my life!! Xx

  2. They look painful! But gorgeous :)
    Kristina xx