Sunday, 17 March 2013

Some like it wild...

I’ve never been a fan of leopard print… I’ve seen it as something that was big in the 80’s amongst celebrities, but lately leopard print has made a huge comeback (unlike the desperate 80’s stars that have tried and failed).

I must say, when I first saw that people started wearing leopard print again a few years ago I was pretty disgusted, but now it has really grown on me! I would never wear a dress or a top covered in leopard print, but I think it’s quite quirky to wear details of this particular pattern. It shows you have a wild side even if the rest of your outfit is pretty plain. I can consider stretching to leopard print accessories such as shoes, scarves and purses, and as you can see in this blogpost – nailpolish!

These are my first ever leopard print shoes, and I thought it would be fun to match them with the same patterned nailpolish.
The shoes are from Shoebou, and the nailpolishes I’ve used to create this nail art is Dior gold, Topshop ‘Treasure’ and a black polish from H&M (although I wouldn’t recommend to use this! It’s of poor quality, so it didn’t turn out great – I could have done with a nail art pen instead).
What do you think?
What are your views on animal print fashion?


  1. You really did a good job with those nails, it looks as if you are a nail art pro! :)
    Kristina xx

  2. Wow! Thats great!!!

    Have a lovely evening,


  3. I love the nails, you've pulled a great combination :)

    Dash xx