Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Trending; denim shirts

Who would have thought we’d see the denim shirt back on trend?! Last time denim shirts filled the hangers in the highstreet shops was in early 2000’s, and you might remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake turning up on the red carpet both wearing double denim. Uuuuh… *shudders*
The denim shirt is hotter than ever at the moment and is definitely an essential in our Spring wardrobes for 2013.

Vanessa Hudgens has nailed the denim shirt look, and matches hers with a pair of black, tight shorts and cool accessories – an effortless but chic look.
I’d love to opt for this look, if only the rubbish English weather would allow it…

This is how you copy Vanessa Hudgens’ cool denim style;
Slightly washed denim shirt from H&M - £20
Black shorts with zipper details from Vero Moda - £26
Black fringe handbag from Dorothy Perkins - £39
Silver tassel earrings from Wallis Fashion - £3.50
Turquoise and silver bangle from Michael Kors - £89

Although I was slagging off Britney’s and Justin’s double denim before, you can make double denim work if you just do it the right way. Whilst the early 2000’s couple dresses in a tacky way, fashion icon Katie Holmes has managed to work double denim in a sophisticated and lady-like way. The trick is to go for different coloured denim, and opt for a pair of jeans with flared legs.

Copy Katie Holmes’ double denim style this way;

Washed out denim shirt from Hollister Co -£29

Dark, flared jeans from A|Wear - £33

Cream, strappy, heeled sandals from Aldo - £66

Taupe leather satchel from TK Maxx - £40

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  1. do you find it as hard as we do to find a denim shirt that fits properly?