Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easy 2nd day hairstyles

The day you’ve washed your hair it’s all swishy, shiny and nice, but the day after I always wake up with a big bird’s nest on my head! I must wriggle a lot in my sleep, cause my hair is always a mess when I wake up. Just look at this epic fail!

Even though I would love to wash my hair every day I know it’s not good for it, and it might get damaged and lose its shine. Therefore, I always try to make the best of the non-wash day – either with the help of heat styling, or by simply putting my hair up in some sort of bun. I don’t like straightening or blow drying my hair every day, but I try to mix it up a bit with normal easy updos every once in a while.

Here are 2 piece-of-cake updos for the no-hair-wash day;

The playful, messy bun

A simple 3-minute updo I sometimes opt for is the messy bun, and I’m cheating a bit with it by using some fake hair. This is what you need for it.

1 Dry shampoo – essential to freshen up your hair in order to create non-wash-day hairstyles.

2 Hair bobble

3 Back combing brush

4 Normal hairbrush

5 Fake hair. You can buy a similar one to this at Buy Wigs.

How to create this style:

1 Spray the roots of your hair with dry shampoo, and massage it in to your scalp. Brush afterwards to avoid getting a powdered look!

2 Brush back your hair and fasten it in a ponytail at the middle of your back head.

3 Back comb the ponytail for the messy look. Scrunch it up into a loose bun, and fasten the fake hair by twisting it around the messy bun twice.

Result: A playful and messy bun that works for most situations. Just make sure the fake hair scrunchie is as similar to your own hair colour as possible.


The sophisticated side bun

Another favourite hairstyle of mine that takes a little bit more effort but that is still simple enough is the side bun, which you need a hair doughnut for. You can get hair doughnuts of different colours and sizes at most beauty stores, such as Boots or Superdrug.

How to create this style:
1 Start by combing your hair to the side and fasten a hair bobble to create a side ponytail – it’s easier if it’s a bit messy.

2 Place the end of the ponytail in the doughnut. Divide the end in two, and fold them to each side.

3 Start rolling the hair up on the doughnut, and continue rolling until it has reached the root of the ponytail. Spread the hair out so that it’s even, and voila! Secure with a hair pin.

Result: A slightly messy but sophisticated side bun.

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