Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Holiday memory goes biker style

I went to Jamaica for a 2 week long, lovely holiday a month ago.
I bought lots of new dresses for this trip… dresses that I won’t really be able to wear in cold England! :( Not on their own anyway… but by matching them with the right garments you can dress in your summer dresses for colder weather too. Although – you might not see much of the dress anymore.
This royal purple strapless bodycon dress is from Boohoo, and it was one my favourite fashion pieces whilst spending time in sunny Jamaica. It falls in the category of semi-casual, and with the right accessories you could both dress it up or down.

For the cold English weather I’ve opted to match this dress with some cool, black leather items; a cut-off biker jacket, and my gorgeous studded Jeffrey Campbells that I won in an online competition a while back.

What do you think of this combo?
It’s such a contrast from the summery look it was initially used for, but I must say I do like it! I’m a sucker for the biker chic style, and one day I’m gonna take the time to get that MC licence ;)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Great Gatsby inspired wedding hairbands

I’m going to see The Great Gatsby at the cinema this weekend, and I’m really excited about it!
Not that I’ve read the book or anything, but people have been going on about this film for over a year now, so I’ve really got some high expectations about it.
Daisy from Great Gatsby
I absolutely love the fashion of the early 1900’s, and especially the 20’s.
One area in which we can see lots of inspiration from the 20’s is in today’s weddings. It has become really popular for brides to dress according to the 20’s style, and the ultimate wedding attire detail, the “icing on the cake”, is the bridal headband.
The 1920’s headband is known for being a quite thin band that goes around the whole head, and that has the “fascinator” bit on one side. Think about what the Charlestown dancers were wearing, and you’ve got it spot on!
Below are some examples on modern brides wearing a 1920’s inspired headband.
(All images are taken from wedding magazines, and are of models rather than real brides, to avoid any conflicts. These are of course for comment purposes only.)
1920's inspired wedding hairbands

I really love this style of headband, and I really think this is the sort of style I would consider going for when/if I get married. I’m not a veil type of girl, and a fascinator headband is just the perfect alternative.
vintage wedding hairband
One that I’ve really set my eyes on is this simple white pearl and flower headband from the vintage collection at Rosie Willett Design.
Which one’s your favourite? Would you opt for the 1920’s style when it comes to weddings or everyday fashion?

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Friday, 17 May 2013

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Great news!
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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tips on colouring your hair from blonde to darker

I recently abandoned my blonde hair colour… Myself and blonde went hand in hand for years, but last month I decided to take the step over to the dark side. This is what my hair looked like before:
Blonde wavy hair

To be frank I was quite worried about doing it, since I always colour my hair myself. I’ve heard horror stories of people colouring their hair from blond to brown and that it turned out a bit green-ish. Not the look I was after!
I have coloured my hair from blonde to brown before, but I’ve never been 100% satisfied. Good thing I’ve now got a sister who’s a hairdresser! :D

Any hairdresser’s advice in this situation would be to go for a colour with red pigments in it. Why? Because it’s needed to balance the colour when going from blonde. Blonde is often quite a cold hue, and going for a cold brown colour then means you’ll end up with a green shimmer. If not straight away then at least after a few washes.
Also, darker colours don’t tend to stick properly on blonde hair, which means it washes out really quickly. Just look at these pictures below. The first one is from the day I coloured my hair – very dark, and quite red.
Light brown coloured hair

This second picture is only three weeks after – very washed out! As you can see my hair has almost gone back to blonde after all the washes. And this is supposed to be a permanent colour!
Dark blonde hair colour

So as you can imagine you’re going to have to colour your hair a couple or a few times from blonde to brown to really get that proper rich brown colour. The first time you’re going to have to go for a colour that has red pigments in it, but the next time you can opt for the same darkness of colour but with less red – if that’s what you prefer.

So, how do you know which hair colour to go for? Cause let’s face it – the colour never turns out the way it looks on the box!
Most hair colour brands use this chart, with 10 being the lightest, and 1 the darkest.
Hair colour chart

On the hair colour box you’ll usually see two numbers. Look at the first number for the darkness, and the number after the comma for the hue. If it has number 1 or 2 after the comma it means that it’s a cold and ashy hue, if it has a 3 it means it’s gold, and 4 and 5 means it has a warm and more red hue.
Hazelnut hair colour

When I coloured my hair I used this colour from L'Oreal with the number 6.41 – 6 meaning light brown, and 4 meaning red. The last 1 is quite irrelevant – it just means the red has a slightly cold hue, but it’s still red.

I've now coloured my hair for the second time, this time with a colour called 6.3 - light golden brown - and this is the result!
Golden light brown hair