Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Holiday memory goes biker style

I went to Jamaica for a 2 week long, lovely holiday a month ago.
I bought lots of new dresses for this trip… dresses that I won’t really be able to wear in cold England! :( Not on their own anyway… but by matching them with the right garments you can dress in your summer dresses for colder weather too. Although – you might not see much of the dress anymore.
This royal purple strapless bodycon dress is from Boohoo, and it was one my favourite fashion pieces whilst spending time in sunny Jamaica. It falls in the category of semi-casual, and with the right accessories you could both dress it up or down.

For the cold English weather I’ve opted to match this dress with some cool, black leather items; a cut-off biker jacket, and my gorgeous studded Jeffrey Campbells that I won in an online competition a while back.

What do you think of this combo?
It’s such a contrast from the summery look it was initially used for, but I must say I do like it! I’m a sucker for the biker chic style, and one day I’m gonna take the time to get that MC licence ;)


  1. Christina Hamberg29 May 2013 at 18:21

    Snygg blogg! Snygg outfit!

  2. Gorgeous! And the length of the dress is so trendy and looks really good on you :)
    Kristina xx