Sunday, 16 June 2013

Casual summer outfit

I’ve never really been a fan of yellow before. I actually considered it a really horrible colour, but ever since last year I’ve started liking it. It can’t be too bright though, but I’m sticking to yellow that is of the mustardy hue.

The weather last week was absolutely gorgeous – really warm and sunny. Since our dress code for work isn’t formal, but only semi-casual, I wore this simple summer outfit one day.

Both the skirt and the top is from Armani. Ehrm… I mean, “Primani” – aka Primark. Cheap finds, but since they’re only basic garments I really couldn’t care where they were from. I’m all for a budget outfit, as long as it looks good!

The skirt, which has a black base with a beige bow pattern, is of a light material which is just perfect for summer - and it has super cute different buttons on it! I think it matches the mustardy yellow boob tube really nicely, and I’ve finished it off with a pair of plain black leggings from H&M.

To accessorise this outfit I threw on a pair of light tan, faux leather/suede ballerina shoes with cut-out pattern from New Look, and a pair of ball earrings from Wallis that matches the yellow top perfectly.

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