Monday, 17 June 2013

Classy wedding guest attire

As a Swede, I just have to mention something about the Swedish royal wedding that took place just over a week ago.

The youngest princess Madeleine finally got to marry her man, and look how breathtakingly beautiful she was in her gown!

This got me thinking… what would you wear if you were invited to a posh wedding? Perhaps not a royal one (as if I would EVER get invited to one of those!), but if you were to attend a really classy wedding, what sort of dress would you squeeze in to, and what accessories would you match it with?

I have chosen to create 3 different styles that I believe would be suitable to wear as a wedding guest. They are all of typical summery colour; light, lovely pastels.

The first one is of a nude hue. This lovely lace dress with ¾ sleeves is just perfect for a slightly conservative look that covers you up at the top, but still leaves you showing your legs off. 
Zarita dress by Diane von Furstenberg
Le Silla nude leather strappy sandals from
Handbag by Paris Hilton
Charm detail bracelet by BULGARI
Enamel bow and gold ring from

The second hue I’ve opted for is a gorgeous lilac colour. The dress is actually from a bridesmaid collection, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a bridesmaid to wear it! Pair it with accessories of the same hue but perhaps slightly darker. This outfit would be especially perfect for a June wedding when the lilac is blooming.
Lilac bridesmaid dress with rose detail from Landybridal (Amazon)
Mai Piu Senza high heeled sandals
Rose clutch by Jessica McClintock (
Giani Bernini sterling silver infinity necklace from
Sterling silver infinity ring from

 You shouldn’t wear something all creamy to a wedding with the risk of annoying the bride, but doubled up with another colour it’s fine. Just be careful with your choices! This cream bandage dress with elements of gold is just a dream! There is no need for a lot of accessories when you opt for a dress like this. A single blingy item is enough – I would do anything to get my hands on this gorgeous watch by Michael Kors!

Cream and gold Portia bandage dress by Herve Leger
Nerissa snake print platform peeptoe shoes from Nine West
Kardashian Kollection bone winged stud bag from Dorothy Perkins
Michael Kors rose gold Chronograph bracelet watch


  1. Wow there's some really beautiful outfit ideas. This year is the first year I haven't been to a wedding, but I'm still craving the pretty outfits.

  2. Lovely ideas! The nude one is my favourite!


  3. the cream & gold and the nude really stands out but in a nice way.