Saturday, 13 July 2013

Holiday and swimwear

Do you buy new bikinis every summer? I actually tend to do so, even though I don’t live in a warm country and don’t really get to wear my bikinis much in a summer.
This year I actually bought two bikinis. Why? I thought I deserved to treat myself to that for my holiday. I went to Jamaica in April (amazing!!!), and I figured it would be good to have one bikini for sunbathing, and one for activities. Cause we all know what happens if you’re wearing a bikini that is too skimpy when diving into the water… Oooops!
The bikini I got for sunbathing purpose is a multi-way bandeau bikini. You can either tie the strings behind your neck, or you can simply tie them in a bow on your chest. I personally hate white tan lines, so I always make sure to keep those strings down!
This bandeau bikini below, which is from Swimwear 365,  is of a dark brown colour with a decorative golden butterfly print.
The second bikini I got is more for activities – meaning it won’t come off if I jump into the sea, or in this case – climb waterfalls! It’s also from Swimwear 365, and is a halter-neck version, with a brown and white zebra print.
For the rest of the holiday, when not in a bikini, you would usually see me wearing mini-shorts and a halter-neck or strapless top. During my time in Jamaica I got absolutely obsessed with these little denim jeans that I purchased at H&M just before I left, and they go just perfectly with this beige halter-neck top with decorative dark wooden beads – from New Yorker.

Are you going on any holidays this year?
What sort of bikinis and beachwear do you usually opt for?

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