Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The trend of online shopping malls

Let me confess something... I’ve never been a fan of shopping online.
I just don’t know where to start looking… There are too many shops (but I never seem to remember them when I’m about to type in a URL in the browser) and it’s just not the same when you’re sitting alone in front of your computer. That social bit of clothes shopping is so important! You want to be able to show your friends what items you’ve got your eye on, you want to know their opinions about things… and you don’t get that from shopping online! Or do you…?
The latest trend in online shopping is so called ‘online shopping malls’, where you’ll find a large number of shops in the same place, and you can even connect with your friends via Facebook.
Lately I’ve been checking out Mallzee, which is one of the most popular of these online shopping malls.
They collaborate with all the big fashion stores, such as Asos, Boohoo, Forever21, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, New Look, Urban Outfitters… the list is long!
I’m a sucker for a number of these shops, and am thrilled to be able to see them all in the same place!

When you sign up, you simply tick the shops that are to your liking, and these will then show up on your homepage. You can star your favourite items from each shop, and these will then end up in your ‘wardrobe’, where you’ll see them along with other items that would be a good match. You can of course purchase the items too, and when you do you’ll earn Mallzee dollars. The Mallzee dollars can be used to buy exclusive products, to get discounts, and other little treats. So in short – you actually get paid for shopping! Amazing, huh? ;)

Want to give Mallzee a try? Sign up here, and you’ll get a VIP membership (meaning you’ll get exclusive access to special promotions and discounts, and first access to new exciting features).

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