Saturday, 28 September 2013

The outfit of a tourist in Italy

When visiting Italy, don't you feel the pressure of looking all stylish?
I went to Venice a few weeks ago, and as the typical tourist I am I knew I was going to do lots of walking, but I still wanted to look a bit nice, and not cross the canals in shorts and trainers.
Two of this season's trends are crop tops and cobalt blue, and on this particular day I decided to combine the two. 
I absolutely love this Boohoo skirt with its Aztec pattern! 
 What about the crop top though? 
I must admit I've been very sceptical towards crop tops since they entered the highstreet shops. 
However, paired with a high waisted skirt I kind of like them.
What do you think of my "tourist in Italy"-look?
Don't look at the shoes - OK?! 
They're my comfy walking shoes for warm countries. 
I would never risk missing out on a tourist sight because of sore feet, so I avoid heels at all cost. Even if it makes my otherwise kind of stylish outfit look a bit dressed down.
What do you tend to wear when on a city holiday?

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