Monday, 28 October 2013

Starstruck - A casual Autumn day outfit

Saturdays are just perfect for walks in the park with friends.
On this particular Saturday I was strolling around in my new beige faux suede mid-calf boots. Very comfy even if they have wedge heels that are fairly high.
I bought them just last week at the German shoe store Deichmann in Leeds Trinity shopping centre. Über comfy (just had to get that German word in there!) and warm, with nice fluff inside. They’ll be perfect for the rest of Autumn, and even Winter!
 I was matching my new boots with a monochrome star patterned dress from H&M that I bought this summer. It’s quite a summery dress really, but with the right clothes combination it works for colder months as well. 
I paired it with a pair of black tights, a thin purple cardigan from New Look, and my old time favourite; a black leather jacket. This jacket has gotten so much love during the years I’ve had it that I should throw it away really… but I just can’t do it!

Oily green nails topped off the style. This nail polish is from Topshop and it’s just fab!

How do you tend to dress for a casual Autumn day?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Time to wrap up warm in a trendy winter coat

Have you seen this ad on TV lately?
To be honest, I usually skip all the TV ads, but this one actually got my attention.
It’s an ad for the BHS autumn collection, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant!
It’s so clever how they've made it into kind of a burlesque teasy strip session, but the other way around.

I love the coat in the ad as well, which made me realise that we’re further along this Autumn that I thought. We’ve been really lucky with the weather this year, so it hasn’t actually  crossed my mind to get a winter coat yet… until now!

I love a winter coat with a bit of an interesting cut. I usually go for one with a quirky collar as this really spices up the look.
I’ve had a quick browse around the high-street shops, and have found these gorgeous coats that are available to order right now.
ASOS Premium Biker Coat With Detachable Faux Fur Collar
BHS Grey/Black Textured Collar Coat

H&M Light Grey Short coat

Boohoo Carmen Aztec Print Parka

ASOS Suedette Tan Vintage Coat With Borg Lining

New Look Jumpo Red Contrast Knitted Neck Longline Coat

BHS Stone Pea Coat

Previous years I’ve often opted for a black or grey coat. Pretty dull and impersonal, but I always tried to spice them up with a bright and colourful scarf. However, this year I’m up for trying something different! Perhaps a while, cream or beige coat to go with my light brown hair… or even something really colourful that stands out, like red!

Have you bought your winter coat for this season yet, or are you eyeing up any certain styles?
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to spice up your basics

A pair of jeans and a white vest top... that's pretty much as basic as it gets.
We all own these particular garments. Why? Because they go with everything!
How do you spice up a simple pair of jeans and a white top or tshirt?
 During a little shopping trip to Leeds last weekend, my choice of outfit was a pair of skinny mid-wash jeans from Only, a basic white vest top, a lace look jersey blazer in white and grey from Next, black leather ankle boots (old ones, from Sweden), and a turquoise and silver necklace from River Island.
Comfortable, yet rather stylish. 
On top of this, I spiced up the look even more with my crocodile skin nail polish. Yeah, that's right - crocodile skin! Not real, obviously... but look closely - doesn't it resemble a crocodile, or perhaps snake skin? This is the most expensive nail polish I've ever bought! It's the 2 piece set "Golden Jungle" by Dior. It's quite difficult to get it right, but the result is so unique, and absolutely stunning - and it's worth the hassle! 
What do you think of my spiced up basic look?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A day in the life of Fashion Infatuation

You might have seen last weekend that I was tweeting and posting photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BootsEyeCheck.Now, why would I do that?

The lovely people at Boots contacted me and asked if I would like to document a day in my life and everything I see, for the national eye health care week that occurred a couple of weeks ago. The point was to think about things I see in my everyday life, that I take for granted.

The first thing I do in the morning is putting my makeup on. I wouldn't be able to see myself in the mirror if I had really bad eye sight, and attempting to put my makeup on with blurry sight would probably result in me looking like a clown. If you don't take care of your eyes, you might look yourself in the mirror and just see a blur. What would you prefer?
So I started taking photos of what I did during my day. This was last Saturday, which was my friend's birthday, so I had lots of exciting things to look at and document.
1 Plucking my eyebrows after my morning shower
2 Choosing my outfit for the day
3 Inspecting my pretty makeup that I received from Boots
4 Trying my new No7 eyeshadows in gorgeous purple hues
5 Putting on my makeup and trying my new No7 mascara
6 Watching the pretty sun coming through the kitchen window
7 Drinking coffee in the garden in my favourite mug
8 Watching my cat doing silly things
9 Outfit of the day; pale pink lace dress, taupe clutch bag, handmade silver ring and manicured nails

10 Watching my friend opening her birthday present
11 Admiring the Swedish flag birthday cake my friend's boyfriend had baked for her
12 More cake!
13 Me, enjoying the Autumn afternoon sun
14 Checking out this hottie; Kristina from Mode of Style
15 Kristina and I in the sunshine
16 My dinner for the night; beef fillet with bearnaise sauce at Blackhouse in Leeds
17 My gorgeous boyfriend with his best Hollywood smile
18 Enjoying food and drinks with the birthday girl and a bunch of friends

I am so grateful that I've got healthy eyes, and that I'm able to see everything around me.
Remember to take proper care of your eyes. You can read about the three steps of good eye care here. It includes care, protect and check.
For more information, and to book yourself an eye check, visit Boots Opticians
And remember: they've got super stylish fashion glasses too ;)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Celebrity Halloween costume inspiration

It’s October! Whilst I’m not very happy about the summer being behind us, I’m quite excited about what’s coming up later this month – Halloween! :D

I just love dressing up in scary costumes, but most of all I love the makeup. Last year I created a Vampire makeup look for Halloween, including some scary contact lenses.

This year I’m thinking I want to create a makeup look inspired by Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead as you may call it.

That look is something in line with what Miley Cyrus has on the picture below.

And talking about celebrities… the queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum, arranges a big celeb filled Halloween party every year. She’s worn some amazing Halloween costumes – who can forget this one from a couple of years ago, when she was dressed (or painted, more like it) a dead body. Freaky!

Let’s have a look at some other brilliant celebrity Halloween looks:

Hilary Duff is dressed inspired by Day of the Dead.

Victoria's Secret model Jessica White dressed up as an evil angel.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Tim Burton's blue girl.

Snookie shows her wild side in this leopard Halloween costume.

And last but not least is Kim Kardashian in her poison ivy costume.
This is actually my favourite one of them all, and I’ve been eyeing up a very similar poison ivy Halloween outfit at Fancy Dress Ball. This costume doesn’t just make you look evil, but it’s quite flattering at the same time. Perfect combo!

Are you attending a Halloween party this year, and if so, what are you thinking of dressing up as?