Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Celebrity Halloween costume inspiration

It’s October! Whilst I’m not very happy about the summer being behind us, I’m quite excited about what’s coming up later this month – Halloween! :D

I just love dressing up in scary costumes, but most of all I love the makeup. Last year I created a Vampire makeup look for Halloween, including some scary contact lenses.

This year I’m thinking I want to create a makeup look inspired by Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead as you may call it.

That look is something in line with what Miley Cyrus has on the picture below.

And talking about celebrities… the queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum, arranges a big celeb filled Halloween party every year. She’s worn some amazing Halloween costumes – who can forget this one from a couple of years ago, when she was dressed (or painted, more like it) a dead body. Freaky!

Let’s have a look at some other brilliant celebrity Halloween looks:

Hilary Duff is dressed inspired by Day of the Dead.

Victoria's Secret model Jessica White dressed up as an evil angel.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Tim Burton's blue girl.

Snookie shows her wild side in this leopard Halloween costume.

And last but not least is Kim Kardashian in her poison ivy costume.
This is actually my favourite one of them all, and I’ve been eyeing up a very similar poison ivy Halloween outfit at Fancy Dress Ball. This costume doesn’t just make you look evil, but it’s quite flattering at the same time. Perfect combo!

Are you attending a Halloween party this year, and if so, what are you thinking of dressing up as?


  1. Those black wings on the Victoria secret model looks great! I've got a few ideas for fancy dress this halloween :)


  2. Great inspiration pics - love the tim burton costume on michelle trachenburg x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. Love the Poison Ivy costume too! Heidi's costume is cray~ not many people could pull that one off! thanks for sharing :)