Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to spice up your basics

A pair of jeans and a white vest top... that's pretty much as basic as it gets.
We all own these particular garments. Why? Because they go with everything!
How do you spice up a simple pair of jeans and a white top or tshirt?
 During a little shopping trip to Leeds last weekend, my choice of outfit was a pair of skinny mid-wash jeans from Only, a basic white vest top, a lace look jersey blazer in white and grey from Next, black leather ankle boots (old ones, from Sweden), and a turquoise and silver necklace from River Island.
Comfortable, yet rather stylish. 
On top of this, I spiced up the look even more with my crocodile skin nail polish. Yeah, that's right - crocodile skin! Not real, obviously... but look closely - doesn't it resemble a crocodile, or perhaps snake skin? This is the most expensive nail polish I've ever bought! It's the 2 piece set "Golden Jungle" by Dior. It's quite difficult to get it right, but the result is so unique, and absolutely stunning - and it's worth the hassle! 
What do you think of my spiced up basic look?


  1. Skitsnyggt! Spiced basics är det bästa! ;)

  2. Riktigt coola naglar! Fanns nagellacket i fler färger än ditt?