Thursday, 24 October 2013

Time to wrap up warm in a trendy winter coat

Have you seen this ad on TV lately?
To be honest, I usually skip all the TV ads, but this one actually got my attention.
It’s an ad for the BHS autumn collection, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant!
It’s so clever how they've made it into kind of a burlesque teasy strip session, but the other way around.

I love the coat in the ad as well, which made me realise that we’re further along this Autumn that I thought. We’ve been really lucky with the weather this year, so it hasn’t actually  crossed my mind to get a winter coat yet… until now!

I love a winter coat with a bit of an interesting cut. I usually go for one with a quirky collar as this really spices up the look.
I’ve had a quick browse around the high-street shops, and have found these gorgeous coats that are available to order right now.
ASOS Premium Biker Coat With Detachable Faux Fur Collar
BHS Grey/Black Textured Collar Coat

H&M Light Grey Short coat

Boohoo Carmen Aztec Print Parka

ASOS Suedette Tan Vintage Coat With Borg Lining

New Look Jumpo Red Contrast Knitted Neck Longline Coat

BHS Stone Pea Coat

Previous years I’ve often opted for a black or grey coat. Pretty dull and impersonal, but I always tried to spice them up with a bright and colourful scarf. However, this year I’m up for trying something different! Perhaps a while, cream or beige coat to go with my light brown hair… or even something really colourful that stands out, like red!

Have you bought your winter coat for this season yet, or are you eyeing up any certain styles?
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