Thursday, 21 November 2013

Japanese style Autumn tunic

Oh, how I love unusual clothes!
This dark forest green tunic was a present from a friend who recently visited New York, and she brought it back all across the Atlantic to me!
The tunic is handmade by the exclusive brand Nanako, and is made of a lovely light material.
It's a flowing shape with uneven lengths, and to give it a bit more of a shape friendly fit I've added a tight waist belt to it.

I must say I'm feeling a bit bohemian in this green, flowing creation, so I've paired the tunic with a pair of "hippie" earrings made of green thread.

My new black mid-calf boots also came in handy when finishing off this outfit. I absolutely love the ruched detailing and all the buckles - it really makes the boots look more interesting.

This dress is just perfect for autumn, and can be worn with a variety of garments to complement it. I prefer it with tights and a simple long sleeved, tight top underneath, but I'll definitely experiment with some other styles as well.

What do you think of this Nanako dress?

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