Thursday, 5 December 2013

Asymmetrical top and blingy accessories

My latest wardrobe addition is an accidental purchase. I was going to buy a Christmas present for someone online, and I spotted this gorgeous top from Wal-G at House of Fraser... Oops! I just had to have it! Well it was only £11, down from £22, so why not? ;)

The top is an asymmetrical jumper of a lovely thin material in cream with gold threads, and it falls really nicely. It’s tight over the hips and the lower arms, but other than that it’s very flowy. I believe you call these sort of sleeves penguin sleeves, and to add even more weirdness to the style; the hole for the head is placed more to one side – a so called slash collar. This means that the top covers one shoulder, but falls off the other one.  

To bring focus to the top I’ve paired it with simple jeans and low boots. The jeans are from ONLY and I got them a couple of years ago from their online shop. They’re of a light wash, and I believe the style is called something in line with skinny low Princess cut. My absolute favourite jeans! I’m currently looking to buy another pair in a darker colour. Or maybe I’ll just add them to my Christmas wish list…

The boots are simple flat brown ankle boots from New Look. Not my favourite shoes, I must admit. It’s just that I have to wear flat shoes now for a couple of weeks since I’ve sprained my ankle. So with these it’s more about comfort than style. But this outfit has a focus on the top and accessories anyway.

It’s not easy to accessorize this top since it’s very covering. I’ve gone simple with a bangle and a watch. 

The watch is made from rose gold and stainless steel with lovely diamanté bling on it. It was a present from my darling sisters back in August for my birthday, and I’m totally in love with it! I believe it’s from the Swedish jewellery shop Guldfynd (translation: Gold find), but I’m not entirely sure. You kind of don’t want to ask people where your presents are from… 

The bangle with pretty details is from Accessorize. I just think it matches my watch perfectly with the rose colour.


  1. I love the watch, it's stunning! You have a great sense of fashion!

    ❤️ Crystal Michelle

  2. Love the top with the watch & bracelet! Fab bling! :)