Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Great Christmas presents for men

Only one week until Christmas and you haven't bought that all important gift for the man in your life yet? Don't worry! Below are my top tips for men's Christmas presents, divided up in 5 different categories.

For the fashionable man (or the non-fashionable that is in need of some help) why not pick up a nice knitted jumper for Christmas? Other great fashion items that are likely to be appreciated are scarves, shirts and designer boxers. I wouldn’t go for jeans or shoes, as these are very personal choices that need to be of a perfect fit – unless your man has added these to his wish list with size details.

Far from all men tend to wear jewellery, but there are other sorts of accessories that work for almost every man. Belts and watches are the most common male accessories and you can’t really go wrong there. Or why not invest in a stylish leather laptop or messenger bag? Going for personalised gifts are usually very appreciated, and it makes the present all the more fun. At sites such as Not On The High Street you can buy personalised cufflinks and phone cases.

Health & Beauty
For the picky men, why not opt for gifts that run out, if you know what I mean. What’s your man’s favourite aftershave? Is he in need of a new one? Or perhaps a moisturiser or aftershave balm of the same brand as he’s already using – because men need to keep their skin healthy too, especially in the winter! Other great Christmas presents are hair styling products, beard or hair trimmers, and massage oil. You could always slip a note in the package for the massage oil saying that it comes with a free massage from you ;)

Men love gadgets – that’s a fact. With so many technology products out there more and more brands show up on the market, and gadgets such as digital cameras or tablets can be found for great, low prices. Why go for a Google Nexus when you can go for a cheaper tablet with the same Android version? Is you man a music fan? A great pair of headphones would work a treat, and would be perfect for when he’s in the office, in the gym or out walking. And talking about the gym… perhaps some home gym equipment such as dumb bells would be the ideal Christmas present? You can find really cheap ones on Amazon.

For the slightly higher Christmas present budget, why not send the man in your life for an experience? Things I would suggest are experiences such as indoor skydiving, spa days, or why not take him to an amazing concert? Fly him away for a weekend city break – it doesn’t actually have to be that expensive if you stick to a European location and go for a budget airline such as Jet2 or Ryanair. Or why not discover a different place in dear old England? For the best privacy rent a cottage for the two of you and enjoy a romantic weekend together. We’ve got some amazing areas in England that are ideal for such a weekend break. Just check out this infographic made by Cumbrian Cottages on the best places to visit in England.  

I hope this has helped you with your Christmas present ideas. Feel free to comment below on your best tips for men’s Christmas presents.

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