Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to create the caviar nail effect

I’ve always wanted to try caviar nails, but always thought it seemed too tricky and messy. However, when I saw a multipack of these little coloured pearls in a pound shop I couldn’t resist, but I just had to try them. There are 12 different colours to choose from in the little pack I bought, and I thought best to try to match one of them with one of the nail polishes I already had in my collection…

I went for a classic red for my base. This is my favourite red nail polish and it’s from No7. It’s a lovely metallic hue called ‘Salsa’. I’ve put two coats on to make the colour really vibrant. 

When applying caviar nails, make sure you’ve made all the preparations before you start. There’s going to be tiny pearls everywhere otherwise! You basically have to pour out the pearls onto your nail, so make sure you do this over a tray with edges. Paint your second coat of nail polish on one of your nails, and then pour the pearls over, pressing slightly to make them stick to the nail polish and create the caviar nail look. Do this on one nail at the time. I chose to just do this on one of my nails to create a fun effect.
Simply collect the beads from the tray by pouring them into the little bottle again.
If you want your caviar nails to last longer, drip a few drops of top coat over the pearls. I did this, and the caviar nail effect stayed for a week.

And this is the result. What do you think? Have you ever tried caviar nails?

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  1. This look very nice! I always wanted to try it, you make it sound simple so I might give it a go ;)

    Dash xx