Wednesday, 19 February 2014

1970s inspired patterned dress

psychadelic pattern dress
You won’t believe what I paid for this dress!
And I kind of don’t want to tell you…
But I will!
But I’ll start by saying… Primark is underrated!

long light brown hair
A couple of weeks ago I went into Primark to pick up some little bits and bobs, and walked past this dress. I had not planned to invest in any bigger purchases on this day, so I was a bit reluctant when I saw the price tag that said £10. Don’t get me wrong, £10 is cheap anyway, but I don’t like spending my money without having planned to do so.
I stood there for a while with the dress in my hands, just because I absolutely loved the orange and red colours against the black background. So 1970’s!
I then noticed a little scribble on the price tag saying £7… then another one further down saying £3. Hell yeah, I thought!
Although, when I took it to the checkout to pay, the price that popped up on the display was £1. One single pound! I couldn’t believe it! I kind of felt like I was stealing this dress…

1970's patterned dress
This must be the best purchase in a long time. I absolutely love the look of this dress, and how it sits. With it being so cheap you might have thought that it would simply fall apart due to poor quality… but nope! I feel like such a 70’s girl in this dress, and I absolutely adore the pattern and the faux leather sleeves. This caused lots of positive comments at work as well, which is always appreciated.
red lipstick

I think it’s really important to match your makeup with your clothes - it just adds that perfect finishing touch to a look - so I applied some red lipstick and bronze and black smoky eye makeup.
It’s quite funny that the dress is a perfect match to my tattoo as well! :)

pocket watch tattoo

I dug out this necklace below for this outfit as well, seeing as it has the exact same colours as the dress. The necklace is made of coloured pieces of glass that have been melted together, and is designed by a Swedish artist.
glass necklace

To make the outfit even more 70’s inspired I decided to wear my tan faux leather platform shoes with a wooden heel (very Jeffrey Campbell inspired, but unfortunately they’re fake).
What do you think of my Primark bargain?

tan platform heels


  1. Love that you got this for £1! Such a lovely dress too. It must have been an omen that you spotted the dress as it goes with your tattoo so well!
    Jenni x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  2. £1 are you serious? That is a bargain, much better than what I would find! Lovely colours and really suits you.