Sunday, 9 February 2014

Photography masterclass with Olympus

A couple of weeks ago myself and fellow blogger Mode of Style were invited to take part in a photography masterclass with the respected photographer Neil Buchan-Grant at Duke Studios in Leeds. The event was sponsored by Olympus, so there was an option to try out their range of high-quality digital SLR cameras as well. I thought this was a great idea to improve my photography skills a bit for my blog. Why not, hey? ;)

Although their cameras was absolutely brilliant, this master class was more focused on the set-up of lighting. A great photo is really all about the lighting, and Neil was showing us what difference it makes to a photo, by experimenting with different sources of light. We had two models to photograph, and we got to try out the big box of lights which gives even light to a portrait, the dramatic Hollywood style light, natural light from a window, as well as playing with effects; Neil placed a plant in front of the light to give the photo an interesting background.

It was great trying out our new skills by photographing the models, but Kristina and I found it more fun photographing each other, and just had to do a few quick snaps of a familiar face as well.

Over all I’d say we had a great day with this photography experience. I would have liked to learn a bit more about the actual cameras as well, and not just the lighting. As someone who has studied art I understand how important light is, but I sometimes struggle with all buttons and options on my camera!

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  1. Aww! This sounds like so much fun! It's a great idea! I'm just on a look out (Groupon) for a photography course, so far I've been only reading a book but I need someone to explain some things to me.