Friday, 7 February 2014

The art of statement jewellery

Big, bold, vibrant and chunky - we're talking statement jewellery.
Does this trend get a yay or nay from you?
Personally, I absolutely love statement pieces with bold colours - as long as they're not neon!
Gwyneth Palthrow is rocking her black, white and metal statement necklace. She's the ultimate example of how you should wear a piece like this; paired with a basic or quite a toned down outfit. This way, you put even more focus on your accessories.
Too much? With these statement bracelets being of quite neutral colours I definitely vote hell yes for this style!
 Turquoise is a classic when it comes to statement pieces. I believe this is because the history of big chunky jewellery comes from the Central and South America Indian tribes, such as the Mayan and Aztek people, where they used a lot of natural turquoise stones. I've got a necklace of this style myself, which I blogged about in the summer of 2013, and you can read that particular post here. This necklace below is the one I'm on about.

I'm always interested in what's popular and trendy when it comes to new jewellery collections, and I just came across this video from Accessorize the other day, in which they talk about S/S14 jewellery trends, and showcase some gorgeous pieces from their new collection. Have a look! 

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