Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hair styling gets more creative with short haircuts

Do you feel like you're stuck in a hair-style rut? Are you sick and tired of traditional ideas of femininity and how women should present themselves? I know I am – I’ve had my long hair for years! Cutting your hair short can really give your look a whole new lease on life, but… I don’t dare to!  Do you?

Jennifer Lawrence short blonde hairstyle
Short hair has become very trendy lately as more and more women reject old-fashioned standards of beauty and opt for something a little more edgy. Bob cuts, in particular, are extremely popular. These cuts are not for the timid, but those brave enough to try a short haircut look fresh, chic, modern and elegant.
Emma Watson short brown bob hairstyle

Having a short haircut results in pony tails, buns and classic up-dos often being impossible to do, meaning that you’re going to have to be a little bit more creative and innovative when styling you hair. Short hair opens up a whole new world of hair products: no longer limited to shine serums and mousses, women with short hair can go crazy with waxes and gels, creating funky texture and sculpted styles. Hair accessories such as headbands, clips and decorative hair combs look super-cute with short hair and are an excellent way to liven up your 'do for special occasions. Women with short hair often take the opportunity to experiment with different hair colours. Whether subtle and natural, or bright and bold, short hair is less damaged by colour than long hair is, and the process of dying your hair becomes significantly quicker, easier and cheaper.
Beyonce blonde wavy bob hairstyle

Short hair also allows for greater creativity with make-up and jewellery. With your hair out of your face and off your neck, fancy earrings and necklaces are given the chance to shine. New and interesting make-up looks are also beautifully showcased by a short haircut.
Reese Witherspoon blonde bob hairstyle

Are you ready to give short hair a try? If I could try it for just a day I would do. (I’m such a coward, I know!) Your hair cut is only as good as your hairdresser, so it is important that you find the right one to bring the short haircut of your dreams to life. ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS is an excellent online resource for finding a salon that will give you that perfect cut. It offers a comprehensive guide to Leeds based hairdressers (or any local UK location), including information on prices, services offered as well as photos.

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