Monday, 24 March 2014

Nails of the week: Graffiti

Trendy nail polishes 2014
There have been a lot of nail polish posts on the blog lately. What can I say – I’ve entered some kind of nail polish crazy period, I guess.
I just have to show you a couple of my latest polishes which work absolutely great together. I think this is my favourite combination so far this year.
I’ve used Barry M Berry Ice Cream nail paint as a base, and Seventeen Off the Wall Graffiti in monochrome (black and white) as the top effect.

lilac nail polish 
This is what my nails look like with one single coat of Barry M Berry Ice Cream. As you can see, the colour is kind of see-through, and you can see my white nail tips through the polish.

Barry M Berry Ice Cream nail paint 
Notice the difference between one and two coats of this polish! The nails on my ring finger and my little finger only have one coat, whilst the others are painted with two coats. Two coats is definitely needed with this nail polish, and it creates a lovely and full lilac colour. 

Seventeen Off the Wall Graffiti nail polish
To make this week’s nails a bit more interesting I topped off the lilac with a graffiti style polish. This was the first time I tried Off the Wall Graffiti in monochrome by Seventeen, and I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised though, and am absolutely loving the black and white effect on the lilac base. Depending on how many graffiti pieces that ended up on the brush and on my nails, I applied one coat on some nails and two on others – it’s all about making it look the way YOU want it to, and I tried to get my nails as even-looking as possible.

17 Off the Wall Graffiti monochrome nail polish 
What do you think?
As I mentioned before I absolutely love this quirky combination, and I’ve received lots of positive comments about my nails this week :)

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