Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Professional makeup brushes from Nanshy

I recently received a set of brushes from the up and coming brand Nanshy.The company is quite new on the market, but offers something rather unique; professional makeup brushes that are completely cruelty free. Lots of companies claim that no animal was hurt in the making of their products, but how can you be entirely sure when their products are made of animal hair? Nanshy's brushes are made completely out of synthetic materials, but rather than feeling plasticy, they feel just as smooth as any other professional makeup brushes I've tried.

There are 5 different brushes in the foundation brush set, but the 3 I've been using are these ones - one for liquid foundation, one for mineral powder foundation, and one for blusher.
Another thing that makes these brushes different from other brands are the ergonomic handles, that make it really easy to use them.

First up is the liquid foundation, and I've used the pointy brush for that, seeing as it will easily reach every part of my face, inclusing around the nose and my eyelids. Although some of the foundation will always end up in the brush rather than on your face, I still felt as if I didn't have to use as much foundation when applying it with this brush, and the result was really even.

For your mineral powder foundation you want to use a Kabuki brush. These can either come with a rounded or a flat top. I tried them both, but found that there was less spill with the rounded one. A Kabuki brush is ideal for mineral powder foundations as they are really firm - which you'll need seeing as you're supposed to apply it with circular movements into your pores.

For your blusher it's best to use an angled brush - it will create the right effect. As well as being angled this brush is also narrower at the top, which is supposed to prevent you from applying too much blusher at the top of your cheekbone. 

And the result? An even layer of makeup which gives a bit of an airbrushed effect.
I'm very impressed with these so called "vegan" brushes, and would definitely recommend them. I've only really used makeup brushes with animal hair before - mostly because of the lack of other materials in professional brushes, and because other synthetic brushes are too cheap and plasticy. I'm glad Nanshy brushes are now on the market, and that I was introduced to this brand. 
Thank you so much for gifting me with this wonderful set!
If you'd like a set of your own you can purchase these 5 brushes at Nanshy's retailer Beauty Store 4U for £34.95.

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