Sunday, 18 May 2014

How to "summer up" a pair of black jeans

I am a big fan of jeans, and when summer's just around the corner I usually get my light washed denim out. However, today I'm making an exception, and I'm wearing a pair of pitch black skinny jeans. I wouldn't normally class this as a summery colour, but my black garments usually get worn the most during the autumn and winter months. But you know what they say... it's all about the styling!

 To make these Lee jeans from Menswear Shop look more summery I've paired them with a light and flowy top, and open sandals.

 The top is a lovely light dusky pink hue and is of the oversized style, with button details and a pretty lace back. The fabric is extremely light and even though it may be warm outside the material is really nice and cool. This is a find from Primark's Spring collection.

 The trick for making any outfit look more summery is to match it with a pair of open sandals. These black strappy wedge sandals are perfect for this outfit, and really compliment the jeans. They too are from Primark, but from their more premium shoe collection. They have spongy cushion bits at the front, which makes the shoes really comfortable to walk in.

 When it comes to accessories I've continued the theme of light pink These pink and green nails are actually my very first attempt of water marble nail art. The result is far from perfect, but with some practise I bet I'm gonna nail this technique! Excuse the pun ;)
What I'm trying to say is that a colour theme can really lift an outfit, and this look is solely based on black and light pink (well, and splashes of green on the nails).

 When going for a pink outfit, you might as well throw some rose gold in there. My stainless steel and rose gold watch with some white stone bling from the Swedish jewellery store Guldfynd goes perfectly with this outfit. It also matches the rose chain bracelet from SNÖ of Sweden

Oh, and while you're at it you might as well have a glass of rosé wine as well ;)
I hope you've all had an amazing weekend!

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