Monday, 12 May 2014

What I wore on my Florida holiday

I can’t believe it has been a month since I last blogged!
I went on holiday to Florida for a couple of weeks, and after I came home I just haven’t gotten back into it again.
I’ve now finally uploaded my holiday photos to my computer, and I’ve picked out a few outfit pics for you.

When on a sunny holiday you’ll usually see me in a standard shorts and top outfit. I always bring a lot of shorts and tops in different colours and styles, and mix and match back and forth. These light denim shorts from H&M are my definite favourites. The black strapless top is from Primark. You can’t beat Primark when you’re after a cheap summer wardrobe ;)

 And if it’s not a pair of shorts, it’s a short denim skirt…
 This white denim skirt is from New Yorker, and is just a must-have for your holiday wardrobe. I’ve had it for years, but I always end up taking it with me on holiday.
The orange and yellow tropical top was a gift from my friend Laura who blogs over at Top Style Advice, so you’re going to have to ask her where she bought it from. 

The great thing about this summery top is that you can either wear it strapless, or as a halter-neck. That’s the lovely Nassau in Bahamas behind me by the way :) 

But, Bahamas is not part of Florida, I hear you say. True! We actually escaped out on the sea for a few days, and spent some lovely time on a cruise around the Bahamas, and visited Freeport and Nassau. The third day on the ship was just at sea though, and I must admit that we were a little bit bored on this day. So bored that we picked up some children’s mini golf clubs and played 9 holes.

For evening activities such as the mini golf, and also dinner of course, I could get away with wearing my longer skirts and dresses (as you weren’t sweating to death at this time of the day). I absolutely love this jersey midi-skirt in light grey from Boohoo. I’ve matched it with a simple black vest top with a lace trim from H&M and cream leather ballerina shoes from Elia B.

 To spice this basic outfit up a bit I’ve accessorised with an Aztec inspired silver and turquoise necklace from New Look, and a turquoise howlite bracelet from The Hippie Clothing Co. I think turquoise is a perfect colour for summer, as it resembles the sky and the sea- plus it enhances your tan.

We also spent 3 days in Miami, where it was absolutely scorching! On these 3 days you’d mainly see me in my bikini. The bikini I’ve gone for this year is a white triangle bikini with mini golden studs, and it was bought from Swimwear365.

It was just too warm to get dressed in Miami, but this giant sheer scarf from the independent online boutique The Gorgeous Scarf Company made a great sarong and beach cover-up. I would tie it around my hips or higher up so that it worked as a dress, and this was just perfect if you just needed to leave your sun-chair to nip to the hotel room or the bar.

I know I’ve incorporated black in two of my holiday outfits, but usually I’m a bit against wearing such a “wintery” colour in the summer. I’d usually go for light colours that reflect the summer. This front zipper skirt in pale pink from H&M, and beige halter-neck top with wooden bead embellishments from New Yorker was my choice of clothing when going out to a tapas restaurant in Miami Beach.

As for relaxed clothing these fuchsia harem pants were perfect! These were actually a gift from the lovely people over at the Brighton based The Hippie Clothing Co. I can’t say I would wear such clothing back home in my everyday life, but they are great for holiday wear. The white lace bralet from Primark was perfect as an alternative to a bra (as a normal bra can get really uncomfortable and warm in the heat). Even though this can be worn to be seen, I opted to wear it underneath my summery tops. Sorry for the blatant pose picture – I just wanted to show you what it looked like :)

And that’s my holiday, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading this post which was a mix between fashion and lifestyle.
And just remember; when in Florida, don’t swim in any lakes! 
See you later, alligator! ;)

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