Sunday, 29 June 2014

The hype of dusky pink fashion

Ever since the CFDA awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America) a few weeks ago, all the magaines have been on about is Rihanna's very see-through dress. Rihanna was honoured with the Fashion Icon Award this year, and accepted the award wearing a custom made dress by designer Adam Selman. The dress, in a dusky pink hue, is completely sheer, and has been decorated with over 200,000 Swarovski crystals. Wowzers...!

The dusky pink hue has been on trend all of this year, but it really had a boost this Spring and will most likely stay for the rest of the Summer. Here is a photo taken of Miley Cyrus rocking a dusky pink shoulder bag just a few days ago as she arrived for her concert in Amsterdam. Not that I'm a fan of Miley Cyrus, but I absolutely love this bag, and now I'm on the hunt for a dusky pink bag myself.

What do you think of these beauties?
From the left:
Pink bow bag from BHS
Pink Lia rose gold stud shoulder bag from Alexander Wang at Harrods
Pink Evie rouched shoulder bag from Accessorize

I seriously don't know what's wrong with me! I've never before in my life liked pink, and you never ever used to see me wearing it. But this year it's different. The dusky pink hue (which is barely pink really if you compare it with the usual bright pink we're used to seeing in fashions) has completely wrapped me around its finger, and I'm hooked. 

Just look at me! I'm even wearing dusky pink shirts, skirts, nail polish and eyeshadow nowadays!
It's become a bit of a guilty pleasure lately... but maybe it shouldn't be guilty, but just a pleasure?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Simple leopard print nails

I thought I'd give leopard print nails a go... again. I've done them a couple of times before, but this time I'm aiming to do a simpler version, without too much detail, and quite big leopard spots.
The polishes I've chosen is Barry M Gelly in Lychee and Mango. A right fruit salad! I've also used a black nail art polish with a teeny tiny brush, and of course top coat to keep it all in place.
This is how I've done it...
Start off by painting your nails with Barry M Lychee - I've used two coats.
After that, paint random "blobs" of Barry M Mango in different sizes.
The third step is to paint or draw with your black nail art pen around the orange blobs, but without painting all the way around them. A random C shape of one side, or two small lines on both sides will do. Mix it up to look more leopardy, and don't worry about the lines looking neat - the more scraggly they look, the more of a natural leopard print you'll end up with.

For more detail you can add small black dots and C's in between the leopard dots, but remember - this is the simple version. I'll make sure to do a more complex leopard design shorty, so that you can compare the two.

And this is the result.
What do you think?
Simple enough for anyone to be able to do, but it still resembles leopard prints enough for people to be able to recognize the nail art as such.

Was my nail art perhaps inspired by my new Havaianas flip flops with leopard print?
Ahem... maybe ;)
Should have gone for brown and bronze instead and it would have been a perfect match!

There's too much effort to do proper nail art on your toe nails, so a couple of coats of Barry M Mango had to do. Very summery and cute in my opinion. I love bold coloured nail polishes for summer! :)

Have you done a nail art post on your blog lately? Leave a link in the comment section below so that I can have a look.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

My summer is peach and turquoise

The other day I looked at my short, naked nails and though ‘oh, so boring!’. They really needed a facelift (nail lift?), and with the weather having been really lovely all week I wanted to go for something really summery. I decided to go for a combination of Barry M’s gorgeous polish Peach Melba (which reminds me of cocktails and ice cream, and which also makes the giggle cause my cat’s name is Melba), topped with a layer of Tropical Punch by Seventeen Colour Clash Nail Effects. This just adds a bit of fun to the look with its chunky bits of green, blue, white and light pink. I finished off the look with a thick layer of top coat so that the bits wouldn’t fall off.

Midi rings are really on trend at the moment, and I bought my first pair of them a couple of weeks ago at Accessorize, when out for a typical Saturday shopping trip with my favourite blogger Mode of Style. I’m really picky when it comes to rings in particular, and don’t want to wear fake silver due to the awful green colour they turn into and colour your fingers with, so these midi rings are from Accessorize’s sterling silver range. I love them both, but as you can probably guess, the one with the little turquoise stone is my favourite.

As if this wasn’t summery enough, I received a parcel in the post the other day containing this stunning silver bracelet with turquoise stones and pearls. This was a gift from The Jewellery People, and from the moment I saw it I fell in love! I adore turquoise and light blue jewellery for summer, and it’s just perfect that it goes so well with the blue accents in my nail polish, as well as with my midi rings.

What do you think of my summer nails, midi rings, and turquoise bling matching? Is it not a great combo?!
I can see myself wearing this bracelet a lot this summer, as it goes with pretty much everything, and adds a splash of colour to a neutral outfit.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

From WAG to style icon

Urgh... it's that time again... the bloody World Cup in football!
If someone forced me to watch a game I wouldn't be able to tell you who won by how many goals, or who scored... What I would be able to tell you, on the other hand, is what player had a certain colour on his shoes, or a funky hairstyle. Or maybe even what his girlfriend in the audience looked like!

The most famous WAG of them all is of course the one and only Victoria Beckham. Here she is, quite a few years ago, with singer Cheryl Cole as company, who was also dating a football player at the time.
We don't see them looking like this anymore, do we!? Victoria, especially, has completely changed her style since then, and nowadays you'll only see her in extremely sophisticated and stylish clothes - sometimes from her own collection.

Victoria Beckham was, as you know, already famous through the pop group Spice Girls before she became the WAG of football player David Beckham. However, it's due to his succesful career in football that she started getting seen out more. And when she was constantly being followed by paparazzis, she made sure she always looked flawless. Just look at the two of them in this photo from May this year - what a gorgeous couple!

 Victoria has really taken advantage of her fame by creating her own fashion emporium. Here she is, seen out in New York just a couple of weeks ago, wearing a stunning coral dress with matching shoes.Quite different to her earler WAG style she used to have when being spotted in the football crowd.

She still occasionally attends other sporting events, but her current style is far more sophisticated and stylish than it used to be. This photo was taken at Wimbledon last year.

So, as you can see I get quite distracted when it comes to football. I find everything around it a lot more interesting, including WAGs and the footballers' appearance. 
And talking about what the players look like... I actually came across a bit of a fun widget made by Ladbrokes Bingo, called 'World Cup Hot or Not'. You basically pick the hottest players from around the world, and create your own dream team based on their looks. 
Why not try for yourself? I wonder if this is how Victoria ruled out the other players when choosing her David? ;)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Introducing Mr Fashion Infatuation - male OOTD

Today is Mr Fashion Infatuation's debut on the blog! Exciting times!
He's usually the one behind the camera, but this time it's his turn to strike his best poses.

I was asked by the lovely people at Guide London if I wanted to treat my man to a shirt, courtesy of them, and there was just no question about it! I've only heard good things about Guide London, and I was excited to see for myself whether their quality is as good as they say. Let's just say neither myself nor the Mr were disappointed!

The shirt he chose is a long sleeved double collar shirt in grey with red accents that create a great contrast. I love the collar, and the button details, as this makes the shirt look very interesting and smart. Depending on what you wear with the shirt you can make it look more or less smart, and Mr Fashion Infatuation has gone for a semi-smart look - shirt, jeans, and leather shoes, topped off with a couple of great accessories.

The jeans, which are of a dark denim wash, are from Next.
(Look at my little poser cat wanting a feature on my blog as well!)

This stunning black skeletton style watch (where you see the cogs turning in the background) with metallic blue hands is from the luxury watch brand Stührling. I absolutely love it!

The black leather belt with a stainless steel buckle is from Next, and creates a great contrast between the shirt and the jeans.

The semi-formal shoes in black leather, are just like the jeans and belt, also from Next. I guess this is the Mr's favourite highstreet clothes shop.

Not a bad blog debut, do you think?
For me it's been really interesting writing about male fashion for once. 
Let me know if you'd like to see more of this in the future.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Broken mirrors and superstitions

You all know that I’ve got a bit of an (read a big) obsession with nail polish, and today I came across a picture of this awesome looking manicure by the very talented blogger Copycat Claws. The manicure is a silver base with black details, and resembles a broken mirror – really clever!
The ironic thing is that I found this particular picture today of all days – Friday the 13th!
I don’t know if you’re superstitious, but I think we all know that a broken mirror generally means bad luck, and the number 13 tends to be an unlucky number. Double bad luck for me today?

One of my best friends (who happens to be Irish) was absolutely thrilled when a bird shit on her leg once when we were sitting having lunch in the park. I just looked at her questioningly, but according to the Irish superstitions (and they’re the ones who are supposed to be the lucky people) this is supposed to bring you good luck.
This got me thinking… How superstitious do we tend to be? 
I am not one bit superstitious, and don’t believe that black cats, walking under ladders, or putting your keys on the table will make any difference to my life. Neither do I believe the opposite – that 2 magpies, a penny on the ground or a 4 leaf clover will bring me good luck. However, according to a recent infographic made by Tombola over a third of the people in Yorkshire are superstitious, and a whole 7 out of 10 UK citizens have some sort of superstitions when it comes to Friday the 13th – some so bad that they won’t even leave the house in that particular day… Crazy, but interesting.

Maybe I should go out tonight wearing something like this, and see what happens? ;)