Tuesday, 17 June 2014

From WAG to style icon

Urgh... it's that time again... the bloody World Cup in football!
If someone forced me to watch a game I wouldn't be able to tell you who won by how many goals, or who scored... What I would be able to tell you, on the other hand, is what player had a certain colour on his shoes, or a funky hairstyle. Or maybe even what his girlfriend in the audience looked like!

The most famous WAG of them all is of course the one and only Victoria Beckham. Here she is, quite a few years ago, with singer Cheryl Cole as company, who was also dating a football player at the time.
We don't see them looking like this anymore, do we!? Victoria, especially, has completely changed her style since then, and nowadays you'll only see her in extremely sophisticated and stylish clothes - sometimes from her own collection.

Victoria Beckham was, as you know, already famous through the pop group Spice Girls before she became the WAG of football player David Beckham. However, it's due to his succesful career in football that she started getting seen out more. And when she was constantly being followed by paparazzis, she made sure she always looked flawless. Just look at the two of them in this photo from May this year - what a gorgeous couple!

 Victoria has really taken advantage of her fame by creating her own fashion emporium. Here she is, seen out in New York just a couple of weeks ago, wearing a stunning coral dress with matching shoes.Quite different to her earler WAG style she used to have when being spotted in the football crowd.

She still occasionally attends other sporting events, but her current style is far more sophisticated and stylish than it used to be. This photo was taken at Wimbledon last year.

So, as you can see I get quite distracted when it comes to football. I find everything around it a lot more interesting, including WAGs and the footballers' appearance. 
And talking about what the players look like... I actually came across a bit of a fun widget made by Ladbrokes Bingo, called 'World Cup Hot or Not'. You basically pick the hottest players from around the world, and create your own dream team based on their looks. 
Why not try for yourself? I wonder if this is how Victoria ruled out the other players when choosing her David? ;)

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