Thursday, 26 June 2014

Simple leopard print nails

I thought I'd give leopard print nails a go... again. I've done them a couple of times before, but this time I'm aiming to do a simpler version, without too much detail, and quite big leopard spots.
The polishes I've chosen is Barry M Gelly in Lychee and Mango. A right fruit salad! I've also used a black nail art polish with a teeny tiny brush, and of course top coat to keep it all in place.
This is how I've done it...
Start off by painting your nails with Barry M Lychee - I've used two coats.
After that, paint random "blobs" of Barry M Mango in different sizes.
The third step is to paint or draw with your black nail art pen around the orange blobs, but without painting all the way around them. A random C shape of one side, or two small lines on both sides will do. Mix it up to look more leopardy, and don't worry about the lines looking neat - the more scraggly they look, the more of a natural leopard print you'll end up with.

For more detail you can add small black dots and C's in between the leopard dots, but remember - this is the simple version. I'll make sure to do a more complex leopard design shorty, so that you can compare the two.

And this is the result.
What do you think?
Simple enough for anyone to be able to do, but it still resembles leopard prints enough for people to be able to recognize the nail art as such.

Was my nail art perhaps inspired by my new Havaianas flip flops with leopard print?
Ahem... maybe ;)
Should have gone for brown and bronze instead and it would have been a perfect match!

There's too much effort to do proper nail art on your toe nails, so a couple of coats of Barry M Mango had to do. Very summery and cute in my opinion. I love bold coloured nail polishes for summer! :)

Have you done a nail art post on your blog lately? Leave a link in the comment section below so that I can have a look.


  1. Love the nails! So simple but effective way of doing really cool nail art :)
    Will try and get my water marble nail art post up soon so you can have a look at that!
    Kristina xx

  2. Ooh love this!! Definitely need to try this!