Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Gym fashion - a great exercise motivator

A couple of weeks ago I looked at my worn out (and very ugly) gym trainers from god knows what year, and thought; it’s time for an upgrade!
When browsing the offering at Sports Direct, this got me thinking of sports fashion. We seem to be in an era where we constantly have to look trendy – even in the gym! I’m not gonna lie… even I have fallen for this and wouldn’t turn up in the gym in anything that wasn’t flattering. So when picking my new trainers I too had to opt for an on trend colour, and most importantly – one that matched the rest of my gym gear.
Silly? Perhaps.
For me, I see new exercise clothes as a boost in my inspiration to actually work out. I have my ups and downs when it comes to being active and healthy, but a new top for the gym once in a while is the secret to staying motivated.
I actually bought a new gym top just last week when I visited Sweden. It’s dark purple, and of the typical boxer style, and I found it in the sports shop Stadium. And the best thing is that it matches my new black Karrimor trainers with purple details perfectly! ;)
With this, I’m wearing a pair of ¾ length black leggings from H&M’s sports collection. These are great, as they’re made of a harder material than normal fashion leggings, and they have a hidden pocket inside where you can put your key or keycard for the gym locker.
Do you like listening to music or tracking your run or power walk? Then a phone armband is a great way of taking your phone with you without the hassle of having to carry it. Just strap it around your arm and you’ll have your hands free for your exercise. Of course mine is purple! ;)
What do you think of gym fashion? Are we too vain, or are you hooked on certain styles in the gym as well?
Do you agree with me that looking good whilst exercising helps you stay motivated?

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  1. I think so, if you feel good it makes you more motivated and less likely to quit.